Jan. 27th, 2007

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I was in Panama over the summer attending an ethnobotany field school. The whole time I kept a bag I was slowly filling up with any damn seeds I could get my grubby fingers on. Before boarding the plane home, I mixed them with bones, shells, hemp twine, half finished hemp/seed necklaces, with a finished one around my neck. The bones were a good chunk of a quillpig, some long bones, probably domestic, and a small number I prayed to all that is holy they wouldn't find. Told them I picked everything up on the beach and was going to make necklaces. The one inspections agent told the other one "I don't think he's going to try and grow them." and I was free to go.

One of my Burgmansias is sprouting!!! I only have three seeds and there were the ones I was most hoping would remain viable. Considering how small the sprout is, I have high hopes the other two are potent. I think I'm going to transfer them into a heated fishtank, see if I can't speed them up. I started this first batch well over a month ago, with the first sprout showing after three weeks. I have no idea what it is, might be related to nutmeg, it came from a highland cloud forest and I've got a lot of those seeds. I've also got some Virolas I haven't started yet, I figure I'll try and give my seeds a year, if not longer to germinate, I know some trees can take longer.

So very excited, just had to share.



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