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Hello friends,

I thought to introduce myself and say that I am thrilled to have found a place like this. My name is Dani and I'm a 20 year old chemistry undergrad.

Anyway, just wanted to share a link with you all, it is an amazing site that posts up academic research on various and numerous types of work in medicine, science, and plants as well as other kinds of academic research in other fields.

Might be fun for those of you out there like to browse studies and see whats going on in the field.

Well that's all for now, I hope to have great conversations with you all.

Ephemeral mists "moon ritual"

Ephemeral Mists is the newest side project by composer Brett Branning (The synthetic dream foundation & Abandoned Toys). The debut album, "Moon Ritual" is out now on Mythical records.

The sound of the project is best described as downtempo ambient electronics mixed with ethnic world musics in the vein of "Karma" era Delerium, Amethystium, and Dead Can Dance. Its an incredibly powerful cd to use as yoga music and Reiki music. A beautiful creation and I highly recommend it to anyone into newage styles of music.

Minerals etc

I was wondering if people thought that any of these minerals would mess with my period. Bladderwrack kelp, selenionmetionine (organic selenium), vit d3, magnesium, and a multi. I'm trying to figure out if I've messed something up internally and what it might be. If I need to stop taking things or if you think that none of these should have an effect.



I was just wondering if anybody had any information on Ayahuasca /healing retreats or things of that nature here in the U.S.(Preferably Midwest?)

Hatha Yoga Community

Namaste dear yogis & yoginis all over the World!
Welcome to:

Hatha Yoga of All Styles & Traditions
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Mycophage, patent medicines and cabaret shot girls

So I picked two lovely Amanita muscaria var. formosas yesterday and from what I've been reading they aren't the horrid danger that common "knowledge" claims. The one ID book I have does say that the US versions cause more physical problems then the Siberian ones, but gives no evidence to back it up. The author isn't one of us, and I kind of feel that he's just covering his own ass. Any one have any thoughts on this, or any thing else related to these lovely sacraments?

On another note, got a little story to share...

Over the weekend I went to a party and carried with me Professor Potter's Miracle Elixer, the medicine you need to keep going ALL NIGHT LONG! When asked what was in it, "Every stimulant I had in my house I could legally share. Mugwort, damiana, yerba mate, Inkos Energy Tea, coca leaf, bee pollen, raw sugar, ginger, and caffeine pills. I'm known as an explorer of the outer spheres and people should have known better then to take such words lightly, they kept coming back for more...even when I warned them "only need a few sips." Of course the next day people kept coming up and whining "what did you do to me, I was so fucked up, I still haven't slept." I'm rather happy with my formulations, the flavour was splendid and it was bloody potent. I've decided there's been a real need for patent medicines in this modern world, so I'm ordering bulk 4oz jars, designing labels and going into business. I'll be able to circumvent liquor laws at my circus and offer a much healthier variety of alternatives. I can't see anyone building a real case against home made energy drinks being sold along side tea and coffee at a show.

On this note, I was at Lunacy Cabaret in Toronto (best damn show around!) in June and there was a shot girl with a cannabis shot and an herbal ecstasy shot. She gave my friend and I a grassy test tube to split and from 1/2 a tube I had a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling all night long. I don't think there was any alcohol in it and I'm stumped on how to make it. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear. With luck I'll be going back in a few weeks and will try her other flavour and maybe even exchange recipes with her. If you ever end up in TO when their show is playing, make sure to bring an extra 15$, the herbal E was 10 and the other was 5 a shot, and the grass one was more then worth it.

10x Blue Lotus Dry Extract

Hey everyone, 

Quick question: 

In your experience, what is the ideal way to ingest blue lotus dry extract? 

i am a bit puzzled because extract means the constituents have already been extracted, so does it really make sense to infuse it in a wine? 

smoking is a possibility, but i prefer a more gentle ingestion method especially with the more subtle spirits like blue lotus. 

any suggestions, experiences or ideas would be appreciated. =)

peace ~~~


Ethnobotanical Research Grant (deadline this year is 9/1)

Just ran across this info:

Ethnobotanical Research Grant (deadline this year is 9/1)

"The program couldn't be more simple: Anyone from anywhere in the world is invited to submit a proposal in which you explain how you would use a grant of $5,000.00 in one of these Five Categories:

You don’t need to be a customer to apply; you only need to share a mutual desire to help preserve our freedom of thought, to help expand consciousness in some way, to add to the ripple effect that we hope will raise the awareness and the consciousness in relation to ethnobotanicals, rainforest destruction, and the continuing decimation of our Earth’s precious resources "

above and more info on the site.


Does anyone have any insight into kicking a tobacco addiction? Aside from the patches, lozenges, chantix, zyban, and the like that are more mainstream and that I'm more familiar with. I don't smoke, but a few of my loved ones are trying to quit and having all kinds of difficulty doing so. So I wanted to know what other stuff was out there.


Moses was high on Sinai?

I'm surprised no one has posted here yet about the news stories that Moses was high on Sinai. There've been conversations about in anthropologist and in weirdjews. Someone in [ profile] anthropologist even dug up Benny Shanon's paper the news story was based on, which is available here.

Personally I'm skeptical. It'd be a very big deal if the Biblical authors just didn't mention that prophets had to be high before they had their visions. In fact, the Bible hints otherwise, since so many prophets (including Moses) are just going about their daily business and are surprised when God suddenly speaks to them.

Has anyone tried Peganum harmala or acacia in the way Shanon suggests Moses did?

kombucha offer

if anyone is interested in making Kombucha brew, i have some scobies to give away.

ADD remedies?

herbal/natural treatments for attention deficit disorder, anyone?

(no subject)

I used to have a lot of black nightshade plants in my garden. Recently, I found out someone weeded them. I have one left. I'm pretty distraught over this. Does black nightshade take well to clippings so I can grow it indoors, so i have more control over people 'weeding' it for me? Does it work best with root or leaf? Has anyone grown it indoors well? Thanks.
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Hey guys, I have what appears to be several black nightshade plants growing in my garden. The flowers and berries are identical to black nightshade, but the leaves are bigger than the pictures I've seen. I'll try to get a picture. Right now the(white) flowers are still blooming and some have turned to green berries. Are there varieties of black nightshade which have bigger leaves? Woody nightshade maybe?The plant is rather large, about a foot and growing. I'm in Massachusetts too. Thanks for your help!
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Dangerous "smuggling" mission a fantastic success

I was in Panama over the summer attending an ethnobotany field school. The whole time I kept a bag I was slowly filling up with any damn seeds I could get my grubby fingers on. Before boarding the plane home, I mixed them with bones, shells, hemp twine, half finished hemp/seed necklaces, with a finished one around my neck. The bones were a good chunk of a quillpig, some long bones, probably domestic, and a small number I prayed to all that is holy they wouldn't find. Told them I picked everything up on the beach and was going to make necklaces. The one inspections agent told the other one "I don't think he's going to try and grow them." and I was free to go.

One of my Burgmansias is sprouting!!! I only have three seeds and there were the ones I was most hoping would remain viable. Considering how small the sprout is, I have high hopes the other two are potent. I think I'm going to transfer them into a heated fishtank, see if I can't speed them up. I started this first batch well over a month ago, with the first sprout showing after three weeks. I have no idea what it is, might be related to nutmeg, it came from a highland cloud forest and I've got a lot of those seeds. I've also got some Virolas I haven't started yet, I figure I'll try and give my seeds a year, if not longer to germinate, I know some trees can take longer.

So very excited, just had to share.

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Let me know if this isnt okay, but I just wanted to let everyone know about this bill.the AER bill PASSED the Senate on the consent calendar and was sent over to the House. It is not on the House calendar yet today, but we have until end of tomorrow for session. The AER bill would make mandatory the reporting of serious side effects and disregarding vitamins and herbs as dietary supplements, treating them as prescription and OTC drugs. This is a step toward making them by prescription only. It would require the reporting of 'serious' adverse events for dietary supplements(read herbs and vitamins) to the FDA. All supplements would be marked with contact information and not treated as food or dietary supplements anymore but as medication and drugs. The WHO has been trying for a number of years to pass the codex alimantarius, which would require vitamins over a certain mg and all herbs to be by perscription only. This cannot happen if they are still labeled and treated as food. If this passes, herbs and vitamins may not be on the shelf and OTC anymore.

Cut for more information )
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Hey everyone. I'm new and just joined!Before going through my herbal apprenticeship I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Sydrone, and while I think I have that under control with exercise, detoxing and a whole bunch of herbs. I'm taking for that among other thngs :burdock seed, prickly ash, scullcap, red clover, cleavers, astragalus, schizandra, reishi and blue vervain, my muscles and tendons seem to be my weak spot. For a long time(I mean years) I took pure calcium carbonate pills, 1200 mg. Now Im taking magnesium asporatate and im up to 600 mg which seems to help. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to combat the muscle joint problems and get rid of the problems that the calcium carbonate probably caused?