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Ethnobotanicalpharmacology (tm), like ethnobotany defines the science of medicinal and food plants of various indigenous and ethinic peoples throughout the world. Pharmacology actually gets into the chemical and technical breakdown of said same and how they can best be used in the natural products industry or more specifically, by herbalists, naturopaths, or traditional healers within a specific or collecitive ethnographic context or those who practice planetary medicine.

I have decided to open this community back up to open membership. Hopefully I will not regret this decision.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ethnobotanicalpharmacology Community Owner reserves the right to remove and/or ban any user that they see fit based upon observed behaviors in other LJ communities and personal interactions with other LJ users. Letting other users who have been banned from LJ so that they may continue to post and/or troll will be constitued as a hostile act and grounds for removal and banning. Being a member of ethnobotanicalpharmacology is not a right - it is a mutually held trust. Trust is fundamental in any healing relationship. Most people don't need to ever to worry about this, but it needed to be said.

ALSO: If you do not contribute substance to the community, DO NOT SPAM it with banner ads! If you have a business of products and services that you feel would be of interest to our readers, then it is no big deal to email the moderator(s) and ask if you may place linking ad. 99% of th time the answer will be "Yes." Violating posts will be removed with a warning issued from the moderator / owner of the community and repeat offenders will be removed and banned.

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acupressure, acupuncture, alexander technique, allergies, alternative medicine, amun, amun ra, ancient egypt, ancient egyptian medicine, ancient medicine, applied kinesiology, arab, arabic, aromatherapy, art therapy, asclepion, ayurveda, ayurvedic medicine, bach flower essences, back pain, biofeedback, blue lotus, bodywork, botany, breathwork, chakras, chinese medicine, chiropractors, color therapy, complementary medicine, craniosacral therapy, crystal bowls, crystals, dance therapy, divination, dowsing, drum, drumming, energy, energy healing, energy medicine, energy work, essential oils, ethnobotanicalpharmacology, ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, eye of ra, fasting, feldenkrais, fertility awareness, flower remedies, folklore, gem therapy, hathor, healers, healing, healing touch, health, health care, health issues, healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, healthy living, henna, herbal medication, herbalism, herbalists, herbs, holistic, holistic healing, holistic health, holistics, holotropic breathwork, home remedies, homeopathic, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, hypnotherapy, imhotep, iridology, kundalini, life spirit, light therapy, lotus, ma'at, massage, massage therapy, medical herbalism, medicine, meditation, medjai, mens health, midwifery, mind body medicine, movement therapy, music therapy, mut, native, natural birth control, natural childbirth, natural family planning, natural healing, natural medicine, natural skin care, naturaopathy, naturopathic medicine, netjer, netjeri, nisut, nymphaea caerulea, osteopathy, planetary herbology, planetery medicine, reiki, sekhem, sekhmet, shamanism, tibetan medicine, tuareg medicine, udjat, unani, unani medicine
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