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Hey everyone, 

Quick question: 

In your experience, what is the ideal way to ingest blue lotus dry extract? 

i am a bit puzzled because extract means the constituents have already been extracted, so does it really make sense to infuse it in a wine? 

smoking is a possibility, but i prefer a more gentle ingestion method especially with the more subtle spirits like blue lotus. 

any suggestions, experiences or ideas would be appreciated. =)

peace ~~~


Date: 2008-08-19 01:04 am (UTC)
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I have been tincturing blue lotus for years and add it to wine from that. It does take the chemical constituents out, and putting it in wine makes it far more ingestible /palatable because the stuff is not exactly tasty. I have never even heard of using a dry extract. Are you talking about plant matter itself?

Where are you getting it, because it sounds a little bogus to me.
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Date: 2008-08-19 02:44 am (UTC)
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Ack! This is the one thing that drives we herbalists absolutely nuts. Standardizing is the worst possible thing ever. All they have done is they have isolated one or two chemical constituents that they percieve to be the "active ingredients" of the plants. While that may be fine, it is a far bloody cry from what the ancients used! Anyway, standardization today does not mean what it meant traditionally. Standard methods of extraction were to have taken the whole plant weight vs. alcohol that is carefully measured out. Nowadays it just means a percentage of the extract that you have is those one or two constituents by themselves, and plants actually have hundreds of individual constituents.

If you want to eat it straight, I suppose you could, or use it as an incense. I don't think smoking is the way to go for many herbs at all, and I suppose that is because I am an asthmatic! *g* If I can avoid smoking something at all costs, I will. I personally would still add it to wine or mead, because, again, it would make it more digestible and easier to deal with. One nice thing you might try is adding it to mead, which is technically a honey wine and they used alot of this in ancient Egypt. That might actually kind of fun. I will have to try that!

Anyway, the Nymphaea (Blue lotus) is actually a vasodilator, so you will probably want to use the alcohol. It really does give a very nice even and mellow feeling with it. Smoking, IMHO, might get you there quicker, but it will also be more quickly over with and what a waste of some good Nymphaea!



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